Therapy & Rehabilitation

Therapy & Rehabilitation

In physiotherapy and rehabilitation Body Screener allows to evaluate the progress of the therapy. Hence, exercises and treatments can be targeted more accurately.

Progress analysis in therapy and rehabilitation sports Visualization of therapy successes

As with training analysis in competitive and fitness sports, movement therapies can also improve the recognition of stressed and undersupplied body areas. With the help of regular measurements with Body Screener, the affected area can be localized more precisely and the treatment can be adapted appropriately.

The visualization of therapy successes can also have a supporting effect on the patient’s motivation and recovery.

Support of healing processes


Injuries of tissue and inflammatory processes may even be present if they are not visible from the outside, or cause symptoms such as pain. In these cases, the affected areas should not be overstressed in order to allow complete healing. The Body Screener can show whether a previously impaired area of the body is healthy again. With the help of the colored 3D representation, recommendations can be given for the intensity of physical activity.