Body Screener has been developed to localize anomalies such as reduced blood circulation or inflammatory processes in the body. Hence, the measuring system contributes to overall health and to preventive healthcare in general.

Health care for children, students, active persons and senior citizens

Lack of exercise and limited exercise can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes in the long term. But incorrect postures, such as incorrect sitting habits at school or at work or poor posture of the computer mouse, can also cause pain, cervical spine syndrome, RSI syndrome (also known as mouse arm) and similar disorders.

Permanent stress caused by sitting, standing or physically demanding activities can be prevented. Body measurements with Body Screener allow to identify potential risks at an early stage and to initiate targeted preventative measures such as exercises, training and the use of ergonomic work equipment.

Early diagnosis thanks to Body Screener

The Body Screener supports therapists, non-medical practitioners and physicians:

  • to recognize areas of the body that are not optimally supplied with blood,
  • to “see” and observe inflammatory processes in the body that are not externally visible,
  • to localize disturbances in the body,
  • to find potential causes of pain.

Quick analysis of the general state of health

Body Screener is a supporting measuring device that provides additional information on potential disturbances in the body and thus recommendations for further medical examinations that may be necessary. Evaluations and health statements on the measurement results are only carried out by appropriately trained therapists and doctors.