Body Health Scanner

Body Screener is a passive measuring system that visualizes irregularities in the magnetic field of the body using high-resolution sensors.

Passive means that the measurement is not invasive: Body Screener does not emit radiation or magnetic waves.

3D Body Health Scanner

The body measurement is performed out without radiation and without contrast medium and is therefore also applicable for pregnant women, people with pacemaker and allergy sufferers.

Body Measurements

3D visualization

Portable & Small

The measurement can be realized at three different resolution levels.

360° Body Scan without Radiation

How it works?


A scan without human body, the so-called zero calibration, is conducted to set up the Body Screener in order to eliminate interferences in the computerbased analysis.


The actual body measurement is performed in two steps: the front and the back of the body are scanned – without radiation and without the use of a contrast medium.


The T-OKM software generates a three-dimensional representation based on the measured data of the magnetic field of the body.


Applicable for allergy sufferers


Applicable for pregnant women

The Body Screener uses high-resolution sensor technology developed and manufactured by T-OKM.

The non-invasive measuring system allows scans without radiation and without the use of a contrast medium. Thus, the Body Screener is also applicable for pregnant women, persons with pacemaker and persons with allergies.

The specially developed T-OKM software is used to evaluate and visualize the measurement data in 3D.

The body areas are indicated in different colors in the 3D representation corresponding to the scan data.